MSP’s In the Public Sector.
Misinformation Or Facts?

Myths about using Managed IT services in the public sector may make you wonder who to trust. Select a company that partners with you. You are needed throughout the entire process. VIA helps you find and follow governmental guidelines. We get your system launched quickly. Finally, we make prevention the highest of priorities.

VIA Managed Services Brings You Factual Based Recommendations
Team up to meet your goals

Teaming up with a managed IT partner gives you more time to concentrate on your priorities and agendas. MPS providers keep up with accreditation, training, and things you don’t always have time to do. When was the last time you did updates? Both you and VIA are vital to creating a high performing plan.

Rule followers
Federal guidelines are in place and VIA is required to abide by those mandates. We are constantly scoping out the requirements and keeping up with any new regulations that need to be followed.
Reboot Or Launch Quickly

Who has time to wait? Your new system if needed, takes shape in a reasonable time frame. Building, designing, and completing the architecture to get you up and running at the earliest time is our priority in serving you. We do our best to push through timelines and deliver prompt service.

Receive Value based servicing

Stopping an emergency before it happens is better than waiting for a disaster to hit. Prevention is our priority. We don’t want anyone to go through an unwelcome outcome if it can be avoided.