Server Administration

What We Do

Hire a total systems provider, VIA.

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We focus not only on maintaining your key servers, but rather your entire system of computers. A “holistic approach” to I.T. Management including consulting, software development, and hardware solutions. 

Comprehensive services

  • Operating system patches as needed
  • Shutdown and restart the server when power outages are planned
  • Maintain system security
  • Manage hardware / drive replacement / formatting
  • Manage backup servers
  • Stop defunct processes
  • Monitor processor usage, disk usage, and disk space
  • Monitor and delete expired processes
  • Monitor system error and usage logs
  • Manage and monitor cron entries
  • Run cleanup scripts
  •  Help desk staff, options – off site and at a lower cost.
  • Advanced management solutions
  • PC support
  • Network design management and maintenance
  • Build a long-term growth plan with an eye towards the future
  • Manage backup scripts
  • Restore forgotten passwords
  •  Virus detection monitoring reports and responding accordingly. 
  •  Rapid response to system outages

We exist to provide you with reliable systems that
meet your needs and will also grow with your organization;
to provide I.T. Management Services that are not only reliable, but also affordable; and to give the same personalized service
to any size company.

Scope of Services

  • Installation, maintenance and administration of hardware and operating systems including:
    • Monitoring disk space
    • CPU and memory utilization.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of hardware availability, warnings and errors in the system, application, security, DNS and replication logs.
  • Troubleshoot problems identified through monitoring and resolve related issues
  • Respond to network or system outages as quickly as possible.
  • Maintain virus pattern and engine updates.
  • Manage mailbox policies.
  • Integrate Microsoft Exchange with Active Directory.
  • Support users requiring multiple email aliases.
  • Configuring Outlook on user workstations.
  • Respond to system issues and resolve detected faults as they arise.
  • Perform routine Exchange administration.
III. Workstation management
  • Installation, maintenance and administration of hardware and operating systems including updates and patches. 
  • Monitor Microsoft updates. 
  • Bundle non-critical updates into a single load, involving less disruption to operations. 
  • Load critical updates to entire network infrastructure.
  • Verify uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units are configured and working properly.
  • Maintain current anti-virus software.
  • Manage installation, updates and inventory.
  • Respond accordingly to virus incidents.
  • Daily backup of servers will utilize existing backup system. If the current backup system is inadequate or fails to meet the requirements, VIA will recommend an alternate solution.
  • VIA will follow recommended guidelines of existing backup system.

*Please see additional Terms and Conditions.