Konsolidated Hybrid Cloud

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What is the KonSolidated Hybrid Cloud System?

A system that utilizes both on-site hardware and private cloud services to run tasks both securely and quickly. This type of system has become popular because it is one that utilizes your on-site hardware to maximize capacity and system-life, which overall increases your system’s total return on investment (ROI).

Why should we utilize a KonSolidated Hybrid Cloud System in our organization?

Your organization’s system may require flexibility and the expectation of growth. We often recommend this system to organizations/municipalities that are in need of new hardware, but would like to share the expense across agencies/departments and/or across the expanse of geographic areas. A cloud system is recommended because one system can be “sectioned” off into many. This is made possible by utilizing space to secure data/software on a private cloud. Thus extending the power of your physcial hardware with space afforded to you in a virtual cloud server.

Who should look into the benefits of a KonSolidated Hybrid Cloud System?

Organizations with an eye towards growth (both geographically and/or systematicly) are those who will fully utilize the KonSolidated Hybrid Cloud’s many benefits.

Benefits of a KonSolidated Hybrid Cloud System:

  • This system is designed for growth, both geographically and in physical use.
  • This system maximizes capacity and overal system life; which increases your system’s ROI.
  • The resources this system provides can be shared across departments, organizations and geographic locations; both in its use and in its total cost of ownership (TCO).