Law Enforcement

Mission-Critical Services
Move to the Top of the Priority List.

When lives depend on quick response times, it’s imperative. The First Net wireless network dedicated to public safety. Priority status is given immediately when our first responders need it most, during an emergency.

Fire Service & EMS

Emergency Priority Communications
Prepared for all events.

Emergency response during a disaster needs an extensive capable system. Significant events like football games, arena events, anything that brings a large crowd also rely on powerful network capabilities. Providing a coordinated approach to any size or type of incident that can occur, insures the safety of the public. First, Net meets the capacity of bandwidth essential to keep all the channels of communication open.

Telecom & Support Services

Coordinated Communications
Unified and Aligned Implementation

Manage the scene more effectively when you can coordinate with all departments involved. Fast connection to critical infrastructure agencies is essential. Reach utilities and key providers with top security. Avert physical or cyber threats promptly by establishing an immediate connection. There is no throttling of the network service, giving what you need when you need it most.  

Why VIA?

VIA is an Approved FirstNet Provider

Approved Provider

VIA, an approved AT&T provider, is working closely with AT&T to provide local networking and consulting services to FirstNet customers. 

Advanced Services

VIA sells, installs, and manages Cisco ISR routers that enable connectivity to FirstNet using AT&T’s APN service. APN allows customers to extend their local networks directly into FirstNet using advanced routing and private networking protocols. At this time (Dec 2019), VIA is the only FirstNet Partner specializing in this service.

Avoid Cost Problems

The APN allows mobile users to connect directly to their local network, eliminating the need for client-based software, which can at times be costly enough to cause FirstNet projects to come to a stop. We help you navigate through this with cost-effectiveness. 


VIA has focused services on emergency services for over thirty years. VIA has also provided private networking services to other mobile data providers. Our history of service made VIA the right choice for AT&T.

  • What First Net does for you?
  • One Single Network vs. Incompatible radio networks.
  • Expanding Network Reach vs. coverage area gaps.
  • Real-Time Connectivity vs. data lags.
  • Device, Cloud, Connection Solutions, vs. non-specific apps.
  • Industry Solutions for Healthcare, Schools, and Utilities.

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