8 Benefits of Choosing Reliable Managed IT Services

For many small to medium-sized businesses managed IT services can be a great choice.


Managed IT Service Provider working on a laptopWhen you hire an experienced, knowledgeable Managed IT services company, they can help to ensure that your company’s daily operations run smoothly and securely, and that the computer hardware and software you utilize stays up-to-date.

Additionally, managed IT  normally cost less than traditional IT. Many business owners love having a predictable, flat-rate monthly fee while avoiding large fees for unexpected IT issues.

What are MSPs?

A managed service provider (MSP) owns and remotely handles all of the IT maintenance and daily running of your company’s IT operations and management on a subscription basis.

Breaking the Break / Fix Cycle

One of the great benefits of turning to an MSP, especially for Managed IT, is that you can free your company from the normal break / fix cycle.

Every time there’s an issue, you’re not having to hire a third-party specialist for repairs, upgrades or installations. These kinds of needs are handled as part of your ongoing subscription agreement.

In many cases, competent MSPs will even pro-actively suggest solutions or alternatives, that can prevent issues before they arise; saving you money, and headaches, in the long run.

Why are managed IT services so popular?

Managed IT Service providers are at the center of an explosively growing industry, and for good reason. For companies, especially SMBs, replacing out-of-date, legacy hardware and software with new systems can be time-consuming and costly.

With traditional IT, after a solution has been researched, purchased and installed and training has occurred, continual updates and maintenance are still required. The need to upgrade expensive hardware and frequently patch and troubleshoot software, along with the critical aspect of security, are just a few of the reasons you should consider partnering with a Managed IT service provider.

Who can benefit?

Managed IT solutions are excellent choices for SMBs and private sector organizations. It makes sense for businesses who want to grow but don’t currently have the resources or infrastructure to do so. It’s especially good for businesses who want to focus on what they do best; prioritizing their own business goals and strategies rather than wrangling IT issues.

What is included?

The specifics of the management differ widely depending on your needs. Managed IT services may include a wide spectrum of business needs, from help desk and desktop support, network administration, server administration to hardware and software support. Some companies, like VIA Managed IT, even have specialized service for the public sector including law enforcement, fire service and EMS. More customized solutions including hybrid cloud computing, proactive security and dark web monitoring, and disaster recovery.

Managed IT Security Concerns

What about Security?

With malicious attacks, and the threat of your company’s employee or customer data ending up on the dark web, many SMBs find it more cost effective to outsource their security to a managed security service. The MSP then handles the daily security workload including patch management, backups as well as customer protection using predictive, proactive security monitoring.

8 Benefits of Managed IT Services: 

  1. Predictable, oftentimes reduced costs
  2. Stops the break / fix cycle.
  3. Use of the latest technology without incurring the high cost of hardware.
  4. Preemptive and proactive fixes • discovering and fixing problems before they can negatively affect your business.
  5. Specialized experts • You gain access to experienced professionals with expertise specific areas of IT and technical support
  6. Maintenance and upgrades • software is kept current and up-to-date;
  7. Access to enterprise level technologies that previously may have been out of reach
  8. Time savings • free up time for in-house IT department to focus on business enhancing projects and goals instead of routine maintenance.

Disadvantages of Managed IT services.

  • Lack of Control: if there’s an incident or outage, it can be frustrating not to be able to deal with the situation in-house
  • Inflexibility: oftentimes there is a broad, somewhat generalized offering available to all clients. Good Managed IT companies will be able to modify their packages to suit your business’s needs, but generally it will be less flexible than a customized solution
  • Reliability: should anything happen to a Managed IT service provider, customers may be left trying to find an alternative solution quickly.

What to look for in a Managed IT Service Provider

The best MSPs offer good advice, knowledgeable suggestions and honest critique. They are transparent in all their business dealings and provide consistent, helpful customer service.

In short, they treat your business issues as their own.