Our Legacy

Our expertise extends back almost three decades when we pioneered the solutions needed to connect dispatch centers. Teaming up in the 1990’s with Spillman, Motorola, and Sun Microsystems, VIA produced new integration solutions for law enforcement applications and the public sector. What we learned then enabled us to serve virtually any industry today. In the early 2000s we expanded our services and became Expanded 2nd largest Spillman re-seller in the USA.

New Platforms, Same Reliable Delivery

Today, by staying current with industry trends, VIA provides the latest tools for your data security. Now, adding ID Agent, Elevate, IT Glue, First Net and more of the newest tools, keeps our customers’ systems up-to-date, and functioning at maximum performance.  No matter the service we offer, reliable delivery of Managed IT services has earned us the respect of our customers. Everyday, we strive to prove that you can rely on us to protect your most important data secure.